We're always keen for our customers to do plenty of exploring on their own. We don't think you want every minute of every day planned out for you - much better to have some time to wander around and find the unexpected places and people that make a holiday something special. Obviously, two things will really come in handy for this: having the money to get to these places, and being able to speak to people when you get there!

As part of our service, we give all our customers our special information pack before they leave - it's full of useful information about Ecuador including maps of the cities you're visiting, hints on where's good to eat, where to change money and also a quick language guide featuring key Spanish phrases we think will come in handy. For the moment, have a look at our quick guide to Ecuador's money and languages. As always, just get in touch if you want to know more.

┬┐Habla ingles? Language in Ecuador

Speaking English and learn Spanish in Ecador

The official language in Ecuador is Spanish. The Spanish spoken in Ecuador is almost identical to the Castilian Spanish of Madrid, albeit with slightly different pronunciation and a few vocabulary changes. Ecuadorean Spanish is highly regarded within South America for its clear accent and it is widely seen as an excellent place to learn Spanish - if you would be interested in spending any time doing this then just let us know. In the high Andes, many people speak Quechua (the language of the Incas) as a first language, and there are several indigenous languages spoken in the rainforest, although in both these place almost everyone will also speak Spanish. The good news is that in most places like restaurants, hotels, etc., there is usually someone who speaks English - and, of course, all our representatives and guides speak both English and Spanish.

Currency in Ecuador

Currency of Ecuador: US Dollars

Since January 2000, the currency of Ecuador has been the US dollar. This reform was intended to stablize Ecuador's economy although it has been, to say the least, controversial in the effects it has had on many sectors of the economy, and in turn on many sections of Ecuadorean society. In general, tourism has benefitted from the move, however, and as a tourist in Ecuador it certainly makes things easier for you.

The notes used are the standard US dollar notes and the coins (cents, nickels, dimes and quarters) are a mixture of US and locally-produced coins. All this means that any US money you have in a drawer somewhere will be perfectly usable in Ecuador. Once there, cash machines dispense dollars and accept major UK debit and credit cards and the exchange rates are pretty good so this is generally the approach we recommend.

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